3 Wide receivers the Chicago Bears should consider trading for at deadline

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I wrote about how the Chicago Bears could come up with three trade packages I think would be more than acceptable to the Giants should they want to trade for the likes of Kenny Golladay. That said, I also stated he wouldn’t be the guy I’d want them going after should they want to make a trade for a new wide receiver.

Trade rumors are swirling that Ryan Poles and the Bears are going to be active at the trade deadline when it comes to the wide receiver position. As I already stated, I just don’t know if I fully believe these rumors. At times, it seems that analysts choose to start these rumors because they make sense to them. However, everything that we have heard and seen from Ryan Poles and this regime says otherwise when it comes to making a trade before the trade deadline — unless that trade was selling assets for more draft capital.

The Chicago Bears could look to trade for one of these three WRs

There are not many wide receivers available in free agency. I’ll keep throwing around Will Fuller’s name but I don’t think that comes to fruition either. We just saw Cole Beasley signed by the Buccaneers and he made three catches for the Bucs vs the Packers in Week 3 — granted only for 12 total yards. It is possible though for one of these free agent receivers to make an impact if signed under the right circumstances.

Maybe it’s T.Y. Hilton or even Odell Beckham, Jr. who the team signs instead. Alright, Beckham isn’t going to sign here, but it would be an interesting option should the Bears find a way to keep winning these close games. With the free agent market not likely an option, here are three wide receivers that could be available and worth a bit of draft capital if it springs Justin Fields’ career forward.