This Chicago Bears player was exposed by Giants offense

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Dominique Robinson has had an excellent rookie season for the Chicago Bears so far. The rookie has been a menace of a pass rusher and has been much more active than expected for a fifth-round rookie that many labeled a project.

On Sunday, we saw some of the project come out, as Brian Daboll and the New York Giants appeared to specifically target him on quarterback rushing plays.

Take the third and one play below for example. They see Robinson on the right edge and fake a handoff to the left. Robinson bites, and now the entire right side is clear for Jones to pick up a first down with ease.

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This happened throughout the game. Robinson was on the left side below and the exact opposite happened. They faked a hand-off to the right, Robinson bites hard, and the edge is clear for Daniel Jones to take off for a huge gain.

Both of the touchdowns for Daniel Jones came when Dominique Robinson was on the field as well. Below we see the first touchdown, the 21-yard run. To be fair to him, it looks like he thought Jaquan Brisker was going to be outside of him, and both of them bit on the handoff.

Either way, Robinson is fighting left and has his head upfield while the run is going right and Daniel Jones is breezing by him. Right now his awareness is not on the possibility of a quarterback run, and he is all-in on his first key.

Lastly, once again, it appears Dominique Robinson assumed that he had some help on the edge. Still, he got sucked in hard, and you can see that when the frame freezes that he would not have made a play in the run game either, because he ran too deep into the backfield and the runner was already behind him.

Still, that obviously meant one last time where the entire edge freed up. It was not just Robinson on this one, but he did not help but lose his contain position.

By the end of the game, Daniel Jones had four rushes for 54 yards on the four clips highlighted. All of them just so happened to be run to the side that Robinson was on, during plays Robinson was playing.

Nobody is killing Dominique Robinson for these issues, and they should have been expected. He is a rookie and played in the MAC. Beyond that, he was a wide receiver not long ago. He knows how to be long, and fast and get after it.

Now, the team has to start to teach him patience, control, and being assignment sound. These are things that will come, and it is why we wrote this offseason that the run defense is going to be an issue all season.

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Chicago Bears fans should embrace the issues, and now watch for development, as this is where the team is.