4 Chicago Bears who are failing the team through Week 4

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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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Luke Getsy has also failed not only Justin Fields but also the Chicago Bears

It is still relatively early in the 2022 NFL season. We are a little less than a quarter of the way through and Luke Getsy deserves some credit for helping this team win two of its four games. Then why is he on this list? Simply, I think he deserves a large part of the blame for this stalled offense.

When I look at the plays being called, I don’t necessarily dislike the scheme. If we compare this offense to what we saw under Matt Nagy, the plays are vastly better. You don’t see receivers running short of the sticks on key downs like we saw with Nagy and most importantly, receivers aren’t running to the same area of the field causing confusion and a traffic jam so-to-speak.

The problem with Getsy to this point is his lack of aggressiveness and his quick decision to run the football. The co-host of my podcast pointed out a stat prior to this game. The team had 32 offensive drives and only four of those drives saw two or more completions. On Sunday, the team only added one additional drive with two completions. Some of this is on Justin Fields and the execution of role players on offense. However, the other issue is the timely play-calling.

The Bears had 20 red zone appearances prior to Week 4 and out of those 20 plays, 19 of them were run plays. Getsy is not instilling confidence nor trust in his sophomore quarterback. These same issues can be solved by changing up the offense to be less predictable as I laid out after the Week 3 victory over the Texans. Getsy has made some great calls, but they have been too inconsistent — similarly to his quarterback. He needs to find a rhythm and let Justin Fields start throwing the ball downfield.