5 Players the Chicago Bears could sell off at NFL trade deadline

Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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As a general manager of an NFL team, one must keep all options open. This includes when to buy, sell or hold at the annual trade deadline. Ryan Poles probably isn’t looking to sell just yet as the team sits at 2-2 on the season. The team is currently in third place within the NFC North, but at .500 on the year, the Chicago Bears are still in the hunt as they say. It’s way too early for all of that, but we know this team is a fraudulent 2-2 on the year, the same way the Giants are 3-1.

The team will wind up finding itself further exposed prior to the 2022 trade deadline at the beginning of November. With four games left prior to the deadline, this team could go from “in the hunt” to a laughing stock. Let’s be honest, who is to say they aren’t already at that point?

The Chicago Bears could look to trade these five players at the NFL deadline

The Chicago Bears are a well-disciplined team, but that will only get them so far. They are hurting for talent at many different positions. Fans knew this was going to be a rebuilding year, but I think starting the year 2-1 may have gotten to too many fans’ heads. There is no way this team competes for a Super Bowl. They cannot pass block, Justin Fields is hesitant to throw the ball at times and there is much, much more we could discuss/expose.

Although the team will not be mathematically out of it by the end of October, we all know where things are headed. The Bears face their second divisional opponent, the Minnesota Vikings in Week 5. A loss here puts them not only below .500, but it also means the team has suffered two NFC North losses on the year with only four games left to play. Ryan Poles will need to be on top of his game and if the Bears are truly struggling, then it’s time to sell off some pieces.