Which Chicago Bears were winners from Week 5 vs. Vikings

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Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
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Player three: Kyler Gordon

Kyler Gordon made the list again. Wait, this time it is the winners’ list. A breath of fresh air from Gordon after being on the duds list for the first four weeks. This is a step in the right direction, but he has a lot of room to improve. He was not great in coverage today, but he did make some insanely crucial open-field tackles to prevent the Vikings from converting some third downs.

There was a specific drive late in the game that saw back-to-back open-field tackles against Viking tight ends in order to prevent the first down. Gordon is not a big player by any means, but he used fundamental tackling to his advantage to bring down players that were much bigger than him.

We also saw a key play on special teams as Gordon and Dominique Robinson combined to break throw the Vikings’ blocks and block a Greg Joseph field goal attempt. Gordon put pressure off the edge and Robinson got in over the top and tipped the kick.

These are the areas where Gordon can start to build the trust back up with his coaches. He has been a liability over the first quarter of the season, but with Jaylon Johnson out for three weeks now they have needed Gordon to step up. He did the little things to make up for some poor coverage.

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Justin Jefferson did whatever he wanted to against the Chicago Bears corners today. Most of that seemed to be against Jaylon Jones and Kindle Vildor, but Gordon fell victim to Jefferson on a few plays as well. Still, Gordon made some plays when it mattered and for that, he earns a spot on the winners’ list this week.