5 Chicago Bears who must step up to beat Washington Commanders

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /
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When the Chicago Bears square off with the Washington Commanders many fans will expect to see the team walk away with a win. Still, we have to remember that the Bears are not too far away from having the same record as Washington, and Washington is going to come in here hungry, thinking their season is not over yet.

With that in mind, if the Chicago Bears do not play their game, they can still lose. On the flip side, if these players rise to the occasion then maybe it could be that easy win that fans would love to see.

5. Chicago Bears RT Larry Borom

When you look at the Washington Commanders’ defensive line, there is one weak spot. Of course, that is the spot reserved for Chase Young, who is injured. Still, when you see DaRon Payne, Jonathan Allen, and Montez Sweat followed up by James Smith-Williams, the last name has to stand out.

Smith-Williams often rotates with Efe Obada, and the Commanders move Sweat to the right side at times, but often the right tackle is the position that is spared from a first-round pick with pedigree.

In terms of pressures Sweat ranks 16th amongst edge rushers, Payne ranks 10th, and Allen ranks ninth amongst defensive linemen. Then, there is Smith-Williams at 78th, and Efe Obada at 41st.

Larry Borom gets the easier matchup, but the reality that comes with that is the team cannot give him any help. Any chip help has to go to the left side, and any running back sticking in has to go up the middle.

Borom has the chance to show that he can be trusted without help, albeit an easier matchup. If he cannot hold up his end, it is going to be a disaster for everyone else.