Which Chicago Bears laid duds in Week 6 vs. Commanders?

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /
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Player Two: Velus Jones Jr.

Once again, a muffed punt by Velus Jones Jr. proved to be a costly mistake that sealed the Chicago Bears’ fate. While this one was not as crucial as the one he had against the Giants, it still led to the game-winning touchdown for the Commanders. This is now two games out of three career games in that Jones has played a pivotal role in the Bears’ demise.

The simple fix would be to get him off of kick-return duties. It is clear that he is having a hard time tracking punts, especially in less-than-favorable weather conditions. His body is too shaky when fielding these kicks and every time he is there taking a punt it feels like he might fumble the catch. That lack of trust is not something you want in your special teams and especially not in a rookie playmaker.

It is safe to say that Velus Jones Jr.’s confidence is probably at an all-time low, so the Bears coaching staff should look to continue to utilize him as an offensive weapon. We have heard about some Deebo Samuel comparisons due to their similar size and frames, so continuing to get the ball in his hands to let him run with the football in space is a great way to get his confidence up.

We saw a steady diet of Ihmir Smith-Marsette in this game even after his blunders last week, so the same type of treatment should be given to Jones who has at least shown to be serviceable on offense. His big mistakes have been as a returner, so it is an easy fix for this problem.