3 Changes Matt Eberflus must demand to help fix the Chicago Bears offense

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Yesterday I laid out some moves that Ryan Poles should consider before Justin Fields ends up in a body bag. The team clearly needs help on the offensive line and at the wide receiver position. As I have already said before, Ryan Poles did the correct thing by stripping down the Chicago Bears roster. The problem is, he didn’t do enough to build it back up to a point where you can actually evaluate players efficiently.

Well, Ryan Poles isn’t the only one who can attempt to help this team. Matt Eberflus should be demanding certain changes take place. He’s the head coach and although he seems to delegate things to his other coaches, his head is on the line. I cannot confidently tell you that Eberflus isn’t involved in personnel decisions about position groups, but you know he has the final say in the matter. He gets to dictate who is starting and who is not, but I’m sure he takes what his positional coaches tell him seriously. More on this later.

The Chicago Bears need to make a few changes before the Patriots game

For now, it’s important to specify that these moves are not going to magically make this offense into a powerhouse. Instead, these moves are strictly to help Justin Fields and a few key assets look avearage with the same flashes of brilliance we have already seen at times. We need to see more greatness paired with meh vs. greatness paired with yuck. If Ryan Poles isn’t going to bring in more help, then the coahcing staff needs to find ways to help themselves.