3 Changes Matt Eberflus must demand to help fix the Chicago Bears offense

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Matt Eberflus and the Chicago Bears need to bench Sam Mustipher

I am not sure if Lucas Patrick is unable to snap the ball efficiently or what, but he’s been doing it as the backup for over two weeks now. Although I don’t find Lucas Patrick to be playing particularly well at guard, he was brought in to be the starting center for the Chicago Bears. His thumb injury derailed that and Sam Mustipher stepped back into that roll. Well, it has not gone well. There have been at least five botched snap exchanges already this season.

What we know is that Patrick cannot be any worse than Mustipher. The hope here is that Patrick would step in and shore up the middle of this line. With a competent center running the show, it could lead to better pass protection — especially when calling out blitz protections. This has been a major issue for both Mustipher and Justin Fields.

A small move like this is not going to completely fix everything. The team needs to at least give it a go though. I don’t understand why Patrick isn’t the starting center. The depth chart used to have it flipped, but now it shows Mustipher as the starter and Patrick as the backup. It also shows Cody Whitehair as the starting left guard still. Clearly, the team isn’t keeping up with it.