Will Chicago Bears really bench Velus Jones?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports /

After two fumbles in three weeks on punt returns, there are obvious calls for the Chicago Bears to bench Velus Jones. While it comes off as an easy decision, there is at least some delicate nature to it.

The team drafted Velus Jones to be their long-term answer as their punt return option. Would it be short-sighted to throw that out after two weeks? Especially when you consider that Jones has missed so much time with injury.

Jones probably needs more experience to get better, but getting him that experience is costing the team in big situations. When asked about the situation, it sounded like Matt Eberflus is leaning towards benching Jones.

He noted that catching the ball has to be the first you do, and if you cannot do that they have to find someone who can. The media also gave him a chance to save Jones by asking if the wind was a factor. Eberflus denied the chance saying that the wind was not that bad.

The reality is that the team can still have eyes on him returning punts in the near future while also pulling him back this season. They will continue to get him to work in practice, and perhaps go back to him in a few weeks when they feel that he is more comfortable.

Right now Jones is still learning the offense, and they are just using him in a gadget role. Beyond that, they have kick returning and added in punt returns, which had not done as much in college.

Perhaps there is too much on his plate. After he gets more familiar with the offense he can be eased back into returning punts. There is a good chance that he will be able to finish the season in the starting role.

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However, for now, it seems apparent that the Chicago Bears will make a move. Dante Pettis is the most likely option to return punts, and with N’Keal Harry back in the fold next week, that may be a chance to for Pettis to stay involved.