The Chicago Bears need to jump on this Christian McCaffrey trade market

Christian McCaffrey (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Christian McCaffrey (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Rumors are reported that the Panthers are shopping their star running back, Christian McCaffrey. Trade rumors are out that the Bills, Chiefs, 49ers and Rams are all interested in the star running back. The problem is, I’m not sure the Panthers will see the return they are looking for. Right now, reports are that the Panthers want multiple, yes multiple, first-round picks for McCaffrey. That seems crazy based on his current salary and injury history — not to mention how teams no longer value the running back position. The thing is, the Chicago Bears should be in on this market too.

Not many people had the Chicago Bears with a better record than what we have seen from them thus far. Sitting at 2-4 might actually be better than most people thought. Personally, I had them sitting at 4-2 at this point in the season. The games I had them winning that they lost were against the Giants and Commanders — two games that should not have been in the L column. That said, none of it matters in the long run because this team was never competing for a title.

Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears should be active at the trade deadline

What is important though is the ability to evaluate talent — most specifically Justin Fields. This is hard to do when the team is made up of scrubs in most spots. Ryan Poles made the right decision to strip this team down, but he didn’t add enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to give Fields a chance. Taking away talent now may seem counter-productive but it’s the right decision when it comes to a few starters on this team. Addition by subtraction they say.