5 Chicago Bears who have been pleasant surprises

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While the Chicago Bears have lost three games in a row, they do still have two wins to fall back on. The team has not been good, but has not played like the bonafide number one overall pick that so many proclaimed they would be.

With that in mind, there has to be some good from the Chicago Bears this season. Who are the players that are doing much better than most fans would have expected?

5. Chicago Bears fans love Eddie Jackson again

This one is pretty obvious. You can read some of the comments from this article in the summer that we wrote about Eddie Jackson. We discussed the possibility that using Jackson in a better role get him back on track while all Chicago Bears fans were ready to cut the safety that they gave a big contract to back in 2020.

The reality is that the change in role worked. The Chicago Bears were asking him to do far too much close to the line of scrimmage.  This new coaching staff decided to put him back in center field, where he has always been best, and what do you know, he is back to being good in that role.

Jackson already has three interceptions this season, which is his second-best number, and behind only his 2018 All-Pro campaign. Considering Jackson is halfway to the six that Jackson recorded in 2018, this could be the making of a special season.

Even if Jackson is not an All-Pro, seeing him back to playing the best he has since 2018 has to have Chicago Bears fans excited about what he can continue to do with the new coaching staff.