5 Chicago Bears who have been pleasant surprises

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4. Justin Jones has been a great signing by Chicago Bears

When the Chicago Bears signed Justin Jones, it was not a great look. The team had already agreed to a deal with Larry Ogunjobi, but he failed a physical and they went scrambling. No matter how you slice it, Justin Jones was the plan b, and the Bears showed their hands of that.

So, it is easy to understand why expectations were low. However, through six games it is easy to say that he has been better than Larry Ogunjobi with Pittsburgh, and he also has been as good as what the team would have expected had they signed their top option.

Jones has stepped up in big moments. He had a big sack against the Texans that took them out of field goal range. Another sack came on third down that forced a punt against the Vikings. Beyond that, the has been the best-run defender on the defensive line. Okay, he has been the only run defender on the defensive line, but at least there is one spot teams can run to where there is not a flowing hole.

Even optimistic fans have to think that Jones is outperforming expectations so far.