5 Chicago Bears poised to improve after mini-bye

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4. Is Khalil Herbert going to play more for the Chicago Bears

While there is no report or anything to back it up, it is hard to think that the Chicago Bears would keep going on this season with Khalil Herbert in the role that he is in. This is a good time for coaches to evaluate themselves, and the coaches should realize that Herbert is too good to not be a crucial piece on offense.

This may not even mean using David Montgomery less, either. Montgomery has been fine, and if you count out the Chicago Bears’ top five skill players, both running backs make the list. So, the team should use both, but also be more thoughtful about their usage.

The Chicago Bears should put Khalil Herbert in as their big playback, and a back who carries the football between the 20s. When they are backed up, David Montgomery can power them away from their end zone, and when they get into the red zone, it is the perfect time to use the power of Montgomery.

Right now, the Chicago Bears go drive-for-drive, and when Herbert has his drive, he does not come off. The team can mix Herbert in on Montgomery drives, and vice versa, because they should take advantage of their situational skills. Maybe this is giving the coaching staff too much credit, but the team should be able to realize this, and we should see Herbert get more snaps in the coming weeks.