5 Chicago Bears poised to improve after mini-bye

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1. Has Kyler Gordon found his footing

The last two games have easily been the best two for Kyler Gordon, with the Washington game being his best game yet. It could have to do with Carson Wentz, and the Commander’s passing attack being an issue.

However, he had his best game in coverage against Washington, and the Commanders hardly tested him. However, over the last two weeks, the best plays that the Chicago Bears have seen from Kyler Gordon have been tackles.

He made two huge tackles to force a punt against Minnesota and added a touchdown-saving tackle against Washington as well. When you live in the slot you are going to be asked to make big sticks in the run game, and come up and tackle tight ends and running backs short of the sticks on check downs.

He struggled at this against the Packers, and the team paid for it. Still, the last two games have shown signs of life. Life is hard for a rookie cornerback, especially transitioning into the slot. Gordon has handled the bumps so far, and may be on the other side of it.

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We will see if he can take this time to look back at the hard times and see what he has to do to prepare himself to play better down the home stretch.