The film confirms how bad Braxton Jones was vs Commanders

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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It is hard to believe that the Chicago Bears played a football game — a not-very-good football game — more than a week ago already. Due to the Thursday night game throwing off my schedule and an exam I had to pass for work, it took me longer to dive into the All-22 film. This is something new that I have been doing for my podcast (The Halas Huddle) and I thought it made sense to bring it to BearGogglesOn as well.

When I watch the film each week, I always focus on Justin Fields and then one player who is voted on the most in a Twitter poll. This week, Braxton Jones was the one player. When I go through the film, I watch every play of the game on offense or defense — depending on the player of course — and then tally whether the play was positive, neutral or negative. I also include double positive and double negative plays in my analysis. These tallies will determine how the player finishes on my grading scale.

Is Braxton Jones too inexperienced for the Chicago Bears offensive line?

The total grades for my grading scale look something like this:

"85+ = Elite 75 to 84 = Above Average 65 to 74 = Average 55 to 64 = Below Average >55 = Backup or Worse"

I have adapted this and made some changes to make the scale more difficult along the way. I have now done two breakdowns of Justin Fields and he has found himself in two different categories. He has yet to come close to the elite ranking, but his game against Minnesota put him in the lower part of the above-average ranking. His grade from the Commanders game will be out later today and a link will eventually be found here.

Let’s take a look at how Braxton Jones did last Thursday first, shall we?