Chicago Bears All-22 Film Breakdown: Grading Justin Fields vs Commanders

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Justin Fields regressed for the Chicago Bears vs the Commanders

With 19 plays being marked as positive, that equates to nearly 27% of his snaps. Add in the almost 3% of double-positive plays and Justin Fields had roughly 30% positive plays vs the Commanders. With 54% of his snaps being considered neutral, Justin Fields looked to have a somewhat decent game overall with 84% of the snaps being either neutral or positive.

The problem is that even with less than 20% negative plays, they were poorly enough plays to bring his overall grade down for this particular game. I had nine negative plays tallied for Justin Fields in this game. Some of those plays were when he didn’t throw the ball when he had a receiver available and others when he threw a poorly thrown ball. The negative plays accounted for just under 13%.

Finally, I found that Justin Fields had three double-negative plays. One was the interception that he flung into a lineman’s helmet. Another was the overthrow of Ryan Griffin in the end zone despite that not being 100 percent on Fields. The three bad plays tallied for just over 4%.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears quarterback, there have been far too many ups and downs. The hope was that his performance vs the Vikings was the start of positive things to come. Unfortunately, Justin Fields regressed in this game. After a respectable grade of 74 vs the Vikings, Fields finds himself with a below-average grade vs the Commanders.

Justin Fields’ final grade vs the Commanders: 63