The Chicago Bears one-third of the season report and opinions

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To all of my Chicago Bears fan brothers and sisters, I will still need you to relax a bit. Take a breath with me for a second. One..two..three. Alright, let’s get into the beast. Many people were on their toes after Justin Fields looked like a bust after the first couple of weeks. What did I tell you, though? Just wait and be patient.

Now, if your name is Erik Carlson, you still view him as a bust and the Detroit Lions as your hero. We have to talk about Justin Fields first because if he isn’t the answer, there will be no point in reviewing the offense. Justin Fields creates the passing game, the run game, and the blocking schemes. Well, Luke Getsy does, but it all is based on the quarterback. Justin Fields currently has shown high volatility. That should be the biggest concern.

His problem has been consistency and his approach to everything being robotic. Remember Brad Kaaya from the 2017 quarterback draft class. I was big on him as well. Stop laughing; we all make mistakes in life. But Kaaya was a promising quarterback coming into the draft process that year. His biggest downfall was that he was overly mechanical and robotic with everything he did. Kaaya looked like a model passer, but the NFL is all chaos.

The 10k-yard passer fell to the sixth round and never looked comfortable in NFL pockets that collapse faster than my ex-wife seeing a spider. Justin Fields’ problem could be his work ethic. With almost every interview he has had this season, he has shared how he is working on his breathing, footwork, route concepts, and more.

The Chicago Bears star quarterback needs to remember to have fun on the field and play ball. To Justin Fields (if this message could ever make it to you), just relax and do you. If you want to run, take off and run. If you’re going to try and only hit home runs ( I don’t suggest that), go for the shots. You made the NFL, you have always been an all-star, and I know it sucks trying to get to that level again. But take it from someone who wasted their talent. Have fun while you can; once the game becomes less fun, you start to fail.