The Chicago Bears one-third of the season report and opinions

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The Chicago Bears need more talent

Enough about the quarterback. The Chicago Bears offensive line is awful at pass blocking. This unit’s run blocking is solid to good. The entire team is young. Mistakes are going to be made. I hate seeing three fumbles that have cost the Bears a shot at winning games, but that is far too common in young players. I like that it always seems to be a dogfight until the end though.

The Packers game got away from the Bears, but there was a decent battle for a while. Maybe the 49ers rain game against a worse young starting quarterback gave fans hope. I’m not entirely sure. The Bears should have beat the Giants and the Commanders (still hard to say that name). But if Jimmy started that rain game, the Bears should have lost.

I can stress enough that the Bears got inside the five-yard line three times against the Commanders. It should have been a blowout, but a fumbled punt return ended their chances. Yes, I’m putting the blame mainly on Velus Jones, Jr. Hey, if Cody Parkey cost the Bears a win, then so did Jones in one game and Ihmir Smith-Marsette in another. As Adam Hoge said, that’s assuming the Bears finish with a touchdown when they haven’t been able to inside the five-yard line multiple times.

The weapons aren’t enough for the Chicago Bears. I called Darnell Mooney, a true number-one receiver. After further evaluation, I am willing to admit that I might have jumped the gun on him. However, thinking back to all the mega-star receivers in the world, what number-one thrived without an offensive line and other weapons around? Name a few. I’ll wait.

The Chicago Bears’ offensive line has looked awful outside of last night, and this is the time when they should be a unit working together. There are so many factors that are keeping fans from being able to see who is talented.