5 changes Chicago Bears made to pull off upset

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The Chicago Bears pulled off an impressive upset against the New England Patriots. The game may have come at the perfect time for the team because it was after a Thursday Night game and it was a Monday night game.

So, they had a weekend off and an extra day to look back at themselves and make adjustments to Improve. It was good to see that they did not stay stagnant and try to win the same way that they had been and the results showed. What are some of the changes we saw?

5. Chicago Bears called more designed runs

This was one of the biggest and most obvious flaws that the Chicago Bears had entering the game. They had a quarterback who could run like some of the best in the NFL. At times, he would flash it, but those were only times when the play broke down and he had to scramble.

The Chicago Bears were not calling plays that got their quarterback moving with the football. The team entered the game with 11 designed run calls. On Monday, they called 11 designed runs for the quarterback. That was double the career high of Justin Fields in a single game.

What were the results? Chicago put up 30 against the New England Patriots, and Justin Fields looked better than ever before. Justin Fields is not Tom Brady and never will be. Still, he is much more like Josh Allen, so why not use him like Josh Allen?

The team cannot run Fields into a wall, but Allen has about double the number of designed run calls as Fields. After seeing it work so well this week, you have to assume that they are going right back to this well through the rest of the season, and the rest of the career for Fields.