3 reasons Chicago Bears are unlikely to trade David Montgomery

Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /
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With the trade deadline just a week away there is plenty of talk about what the Chicago Bears should do. They are sitting at 3-4, which has them in a spot where they can go in a few different directions. One name that has often been brought up in trade speculation is David Montgomery.

Considering Montgomery will be a free agent this offseason plenty of questions have emerged about whether the team should move on now and try to get something back while they can. However, there are a few reasons why this is unlikely to be the direction the team goes. I

Chicago Bears running back by committee works

Most Chicago Bears fans would be okay with trading David Montgomery because Khalil Herbert has been outproducing him. However, one thing we wrote recently was that while Herbert is known for the explosive runs, and those look great on paper, he still has his strengths and weaknesses.

Montgomery does not hit the explosives but is much more sturdy and powerful between the tackles. Montgomery is also the better all-around back when it comes to pass-catching and pass-protection.

Even while the Chicago Bears limited the workload of Montgomery, and we saw more of a 50/50 split, you still saw that Montgomery was leading the way for the reasons stated. Herbert is best as a compliment to Montgomery and Montgomery is best as a compliment to Herbert.

The Chicago Bears lack skilled players, and when you list their top five, it would include both Herbert and Montgomery. The team should continue to rely on these two, and let them play to their strengths in a timeshare.