5 reasons to be positive about future after Chicago Bears loss to Cowboys

Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears lost to the Dallas Cowboys 49-29. Losing by 20 points and allowing 49 should probably never be looked at in a positive light, but it is hard not to walk away from this game feeling optimistic if you are a fan.

Most fans should have known that this was a season about observing and finding things to get excited about in the future, and that is what happened despite the loss.

5. Justin Fields is showing serious improvement.

This is the obvious best-case outcome from this season. If the Chicago Bears’ defense is a problem, they can fix it, but quarterback is the hardest position to find. If the team is going to give up 49, as long as it looks like they have something in Justin Fields, it can be spun into a positive.

Justin Fields only threw for 151 yards, but posted a 74% completion rate, and had two touchdowns with no interceptions. He also added more as a playmaker on the ground. The past two weeks have probably been the best two when it comes to Justin Fields the runner of the football.

The feeling is that he is more comfortable now, and knows when to run, but also when to extend the play to pass. While he is not throwing in high volume, he is making the most of big plays.

Fields does not have much to work with, so it is hard to say that the 62 points over the last two weeks were not mainly because he was willing for the team to score. The defense should get right eventually, and with an offseason to help Fields the realization is that Sunday was positive.