5 reasons to be positive about future after Chicago Bears loss to Cowboys

Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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4. The Chicago Bears started Trevis Gipson

When the Chicago Bears traded Robert Quinn it was obviously going to open up snaps for all of the edge rushers. Quinn was the leading snap player, so it was going to take big shoes to fill. However, how the team handled the rotation is telling.

Al-Quadin Muhammad move to the right side and rotated with Dominique Robinson while Trevis Gipson started on the left side. This is the first time that Gipson has started with the new regime. It is telling that the team moved AQM to a new side to allow Gipson to start after AQM had been starting on that side.

They could have asked Gipson to move sides, but admitted that Gispon was better than AQM against right tackles so far this year. This shows that the coaching is learning and making adjustments. They are seeing who is performing and letting them play more. Armon Watts has slowly dipped into the time of Angelo Blackson and that has been justified as well. They are letting the tape dictate who gets playing time.