5 reasons to be positive about future after Chicago Bears loss to Cowboys

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Jack Sanborn
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3. Jack Sanborn got onto the field on defense

We knew we had to see this eventually but it is satisfying to see that the Chicago Bears got Jack Sanborn on the field for a few defensive snaps this week. He had been behind both Joe Thomas and Matt Adams as the third and fourth linebackers, but this week he started as the SAM linebacker next to Roquan Smith and Nicholas Morrow.

Sanborn only played eight snaps, but he entered the game with just two snaps on defense through seven games. They are obviously seeing something with him that is making them give him more playing time.

More than that, they probably realize that of Adams, Thomas, and Sanborn, Sanborn is most likely to be on the 2023 roster. The rest of the season should be about playing 2023 players and seeing if they can make any impact. Players who are placeholders or guys who did well in training camp but are fading should be moved on from.

It is a good sign that the Chicago Bears appear to realize this and are going to be playing their younger players down the stretch.