5 reasons Chicago Bears trading Roquan Smith was right decision

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Chicago Bears, Roquan Smith
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4. Chicago Bears can do damage in round two

Most fans thought that Roquan Smith would get a first-round pick back. However, fans have to realize that the contracts involved matter. For example, in trading Khalil Mack, the Chargers have him signed for two more years at $55M. In drafting Jaquan Brisker with the pick that they got for Mack, they have him signed for three mot seasons at $6M total. That is a massive difference, and then you add in the age and the fact that Brisker will be in Chicago longer, and you can see the real value of draft picks.

Of course, you have to hit on them, but when the difference is about $25M per year in salary, and an extra year of team control, it gives even more margin for error. Ryan Poles did not hit on every pick, but his first draft was a success so far, and most players he took are contributing.

Ryan Poles wants to get as many chances to take as many high upside swings as possible. Adding a potential playmaker at a much cheaper cost than Smith would be a smashing success. Beyond that, while Mack is signed for two more years, the Ravens will have about 10 games to decide whether they want to extend Roquan Smith for the long term, or whether they just traded four years of a valuable salary for 10 games of linebacker play.

The trade starts to look much more fair in that light.