4 important things to know about Chicago Bears new WR Chase Claypool

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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3. Chase Claypool brings Chicago Bears versatility

Chase Claypool is not what you expect from a slot wide receiver, as he stands 6’4″ and 238 pounds. However, before the NFL draft, there were fans and analysts who saw him as a potential stretch tight end, more than they even saw him as a wide receiver.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have experimented with this. Last season he took 16 snaps as an in-line tight end, and this season he already has 14 snaps in that role. It is minimal, but they put him in line to get him matched up with linebackers.

They also can get Claypool the ball to the flats on quick dump-offs and passes that get the ball in his hands quickly. This is where Claypool can create.

In fact, beyond playing tight end, Claypool has also been used as a rusher throughout his career in Pittsburgh. Claypool has 32 career rushes for 167 yards and two rushing touchdowns. He has eight carries for 55 yards this season.

The Steelers even branched off the idea of giving Claypool the end around, and he threw a touchdown pass on Sunday against the Eagles.

This adds some real value to the game of Chase Claypool. He can play in the slot, tight end, and can take handoffs. We have already seen that Luke Getsy will get wide receivers involved in the running game.

They have four wide receivers with a rushing attempt already. If there is one thing you can bet on, it is that the Chicago Bears will hand a football off to Chase Claypool.