8 Bold predictions for the rest of the Chicago Bears 2022 season

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Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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Khalil Herbert will finish with 500-plus more yards and five more TDs than David Montgomery

This might be the least of these bold predictions if I’m being honest. Right now, Khalil Herbert has 563 rushing yards on 91 carries. David Montgomery has 361 rushing yards on 92 carries. We have seen some big runs come out of Herbert and many people believe that Herbert fits the outside zone running system better than Montgomery — that’s true.

The problem is that Montgomery fits a very specific role in this offense that Herbert lacks as well. Montgomery runs better inside the tackles — something all teams, including outsize zone running teams, must be able to do. Montgomery is also the better pass blocker by a wide margin. This is why he wasn’t traded before the deadline, but his production is also going to be the reason he’s not brought back in 2023 (unless he takes a very team-friendly deal).

As of right now, Herbert has just over 200 more rushing yards than Montgomery on essentially the same number of carries. He also has two more touchdowns than Montgomery. I’m expecting this pace to continue and then some. Meaning, Herbert will finish with more than 500 extra yards over Montgomery and also be the only running back with 1,000+ rushing yards on the team. I’m expecting Herbert to also score from outside the five more often (he’s not as good at goalline situations) and put up an extra three touchdowns over Montgomery to finish out the year.