5 most pleasant surprises halfway through Chicago Bears season

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The Chicago Bears have played nine of their 17 scheduled games this season, but with a bye week coming, this is officially the halfway point of the season. At the quarter mark we looked at some surprises and some disappointments, so who are the players that fall into this category at the halfway point?

5. Justin Fields went from a disappointment to a pleasant surprise

When we wrote about where the team stood just four weeks ago, Justin Fields was a disappointment. He was holding the ball too long and was not moving in the pocket. There was no confidence, and the offense could not move.

Since then, they have averaged over 30 points per game. Fields struggled against Washington, but in moments you saw the light start to flicker. The long break between that game and the New England Patriots game appears to have turned the light on.

It appears as though it has been a combination of the play-caller and quarterback finally seeing the light. Fields is playing faster, but he is being asked to run more, roll out, and see easier passing lanes.

The offensive coordinator letting Fields highlight his best traits and limit his worst has led to the offense becoming one of the most exciting in the NFL. All of this is because of Justin Fields. It is hard to say that anyone has been more excited over the first half of the season, and that is saying something because he hardly had anything to get excited about over the first quarter. The second quarter of the season has completely turned the projection on him around.