5 Players who are hurting the Chicago Bears weekly

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Players Hurting the Chicago Bears: Angelo Blackson, DT

I think it is safe to say that we can probably throw all of the Chicago Bears defensive line on this list. The Bears’ defensive front has been nothing short of horrific. The team is 29th in defensive DVOA. The team is 30th vs the pass and 26th vs the run. The passing defense could be better if the front seven was doing its job. When you can’t stop the run or put pressure on the quarterback, it makes it very difficult for defensive backs to hold their coverage.

How often have we screamed at the television to get to the quarterback this year? How often have we shouted, “he has way too much time!” this season? Now, I don’t expect Angelo Blackson to help with pressure. He’s a space eater, but he’s not even doing that well. In seven games, Blackson only has 17 combined tackles (eight solos).

On social media, I called myself out yesterday for thinking this defense could be a top-10 defense this year. I didn’t expect Ryan Poles to trade away Roquan Smith, but that isn’t a good excuse for them not being better this year. 29th in defensive DVOA is not even close to the top 10 and Angelo Blackson isn’t helping as the starting nose tackle.