Tracking Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields progression through 10 games

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We have been following the growth of the Chicago Bears starting quarterback each week, and whether or not he is taking the right steps. Two of the more predictive stats for quarterback success are EPA and CPOE. EPA highlights how much of a playmaker a quarterback is, while CPOE recognizes how accurate they are. The combination is exactly what you want from a quarterback.

Thanks to we have been able to look at how Justin Fields looks week-to-week, but also through a seasonal lens at these spots.

Justin Fields CPOE with Chicago Bears

In the top image is his week-by-week performance, then we can see how it has impacted his full-season rating. He had a dude in week three and week one, but week one was the rain. From there, we have seen growth.

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Fields started in a bit of a hole, but he has matriculated back up each and every week. Hig biggest rise came from week seven to week eight. Still, from where he was in week three until now is linear growth.

Justin Fields EPA with Chicago Bears

His CPOE was down in week three, but week two was a poor game for the EPA of Justin Fields. He turned it over and took sacks, a poor combination. Still, from week two we saw that game as his low, and he has grown since then. Week six was a hiccup, but the best has come after that.

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When you look at his cumulative rating, he dug himself a hole by playing so poorly during the second week of the season. In the following two weeks, he was not digging himself out of it. Then, came the Vikings game and he shot out, but the Washington game dropped him right back down.

Since then, it has gone up every week. We are starting to see more consistency.

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Justin Fields CPOE + EPA with Chicago Bears

Now, the combination of the two. Since he was poor in weeks two through four in both areas, it definitely rounds off as a floor. However, you can see a much more linear path of steady growth when you combine the two metrics.

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Even with the slight drop from the Vikings game to Washington, he was not quite as low as the first four weeks. Then, you see that he is not only adding more expected points as a playmaker, but he is also a much more comfortable passer.