The Chicago Bears offseason approach and 2023 draft targets

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Let’s discuss the Chicago Bears salary cap situation and 2023 NFL Draft

Greg Gabriel, formerly of the Chicago Bears scouting department and current Barroom network host of GTF (Gabriel Talk Football), has shared some thoughts on the salary cap. The Chicago Bears will own the market regarding the salary cap next season, but that doesn’t mean Ryan Poles is going to spend as much as fans think.

He might, but Gabriel has brought up some valid points on using the cap wisely and investing it back into the players on the current roster. That could include David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney, Jaylon Johnson, or even Chase Claypool. We also should remember the rentals like Nicholas Morrow, Lucas Patrick, and others.

Just because you have money in your pocket doesn’t mean you have to spend it at the first store you walk into. I would list some of the top potential free agents next season, like Daron Payne, but again, top organizations don’t let those players walk. Instead, I will get into some defensive players that the Chicago Bears should get to know (like they haven’t already).

Before I do that. This 2023 draft class is loaded at the EDGE rusher position if those players elect to come out. Suppose the Chicago Bears find themselves drafting between eight and 14. It will likely be someone on the defensive line. I know some want it to be WR but remember, Ryan Poles is a “draft best player available” kind of guy.

Ryan Pace claimed he was as well, but let’s be honest. He became a “draft the best athlete available” kind of general manager. I can’t even get mad at Pace. He built the Chicago Bears with his vision, but it didn’t work. He, unfortunately, missed the most critical position when he decided to take Mitch Trubisky with the second overall selection.

You can’t deny he built a great defense with a good run game, with solid weapons. Zero offense to Mike North; Trubisky doesn’t have it. He could develop it, but at this present time, it’s not there. We can all agree on that. Anywho, let us get into the players.