5 young Chicago Bears we need to see more from this season

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The loss to the Detroit Lions was easy to take the wind out of some Chicago Bears fans. The playoffs are now almost out of the picture already, and it is not Thanksgiving. Still, we all knew that this season was more about the progress of certain players heading into a big offseason than it was about stacking wins. With that in mind, there is a lot to watch in the next couple of months.

Who are some players that the coaches should play more during the late portions of the season to see what they have?

5. The Chicago Bears should play Dominique Robinson’s starter snaps

When the Chicago Bears traded Robert Quinn, we thought that would be a huge impact on the snaps that the fifth-round rookie was playing. However, they just moved Al-Quadin Muhammad to the side of Quinn and gave Trevis Gipson a full snap share. So, Dominique Robinson played the same role.

With the injury to Muhammad, we got to see what Robinson could do with increased work. It is not like he changed the defense or won the game for the Chicago Bears, but this is a guy who was a wide receiver in the MAC just over two years ago. Now, he is in the NFL and starting at the defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

Muhammad is going to miss again this week, meaning Robinson will now stack two straight starts. The reality is that even when Muhammad returns, at this point they should just stick with Robinson and see what type of progress he can make in December.

At the very least, they cannot keep treating the duo as if it is Still Quinn and Robinson.  Quinn deserved to keep Robinson on the bench, and Muhammad can split snaps or can back up both Gipson and Robinson, but they should keep Robinson playing over half of the snaps the rest of the way.