5 young Chicago Bears we need to see more from this season

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2. Are Chicago Bears seeing enough from Jack Sanborn

The big winner of the Roquan Smith trade has been Jack Sanborn. Sanborn had a huge game in his second career start. He produced two sacks and an interception. He almost had two picks, and some will say that he should have if it were not for a penalty on Jaylon Johnson that did not impact the play.

While the ups were very high, there still have been ups and downs, and it makes sense considering he is a UDFA. Now, we have to find out whether he is just a hot flash in the pan, or whether he will actually form into a consistent every-down linebacker in the NFL.

If the Chicago Bears can turn a UDFA into a starting linebacker, that is a huge win. When you add in the compensation for Roquan Smith, and it turns into Sanborn starting, that is what can ignite a rebuild.

Of course, for some of these players, we are projecting more playing time. For Jack Sanborn, he is going to get it. We are going to get see what Sanborn has to offer whether any wants it to happen or not. He has two starts and with seven to go, we have plenty to learn.