3 Chicago Bears trending in wrong direction in 2022

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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2. Angelo Blackson was benched by Chicago Bears

Just last week we wrote about the change that the Chicago Bears made on the defensive line. They went from starting Angelo Blackson to putting Armon Watts in that role. Watts is a much better run defender and is the best run defender on an awful defensive line.

On the flip side, Angelo Blackson was the worst of the interior linemen against the run. The change started to come slowly but surely, but last week was the biggest split yet.

Heck, it was not a split, Watts was the main starter, and Angelo Blackson was hardly on the field. In fact, Blackson played just nine snaps. That pushed him below Mike Pennel to the number four man on the interior line.

He started the season getting around 40 snaps per game. He was down around 20 snaps the past couple of games and now is down at nine.  There is no reason to expect him to play more, either. He is the only of the four that Ryan Poles did not bring in. He is going to be on a new team next year, while the team can at least see more from Watts and Justin Jones, two players that Poles signed.