5 reasons for Chicago Bears fans to be thankful

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1. Bad times are coming in Green Bay

Some fans will debate everything to be thankful for because that is what it is like being a Chicago Bears fan. I know, Justin Fields cannot pass, Luke Getsy is trying to get him hurt, Poles has no clue how to build an offense, and Eberflus has no clue how to coach defense. It is easy to be negative, but when you dig deeper you can find positive with this regime.

Still, one thing we do not have to debate on this day is that the Green Bay Packers are bad, and they are not getting better anytime soon. Aaron Rodgers has a bloated contract, he is aging, and if he retires, the team will have to pay the bill next season, essentially having no ability to make roster moves.

It took a very long time, but this winter the tides feel as though they are changing. The Green Bay Packers finally have a bad team, and they finally have no answers to the future. The Chicago Bears’ future has not looked this bright in a long time.

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Even at 3-8, the fact that their quarterback is a big-time playmaker makes it exciting in ways similar to 2018. While all expectations are for the Chicago Bears to take a big step forward next year, the same expectations will be that the Green Bay Packers take a step back.