Which Chicago Bears laid duds in Week 12 vs. Jets

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Chicago Bears, Trevor Siemian
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Chicago Bears Week 12 Dud No. 2: Trevor Siemian

Trevor Siemian was not terrible in his first start as a Chicago Bear, but he definitely could have played better. He was solid in the first half, but in the second half the Jets brought more pressure and tightened up the coverage. Siemian had no answer. Not all of the offensive struggles can be blamed on Siemian today, but he left a lot to be desired from his performance.

His first-half performance had a few fans on Bears Twitter buzzing about how Semien is running the offense better than Fields does. It is safe to say they have probably eaten their words. It was clear how much more open the field is when defenses have to account for Fields’ athleticism and his throwing ability.

Siemian is a game-managing quarterback who does an adequate job of filling in when needed. He brings the perfect veteran presence and leadership that is needed in the quarterback room. Still, the Bears did not look great on offense with Siemian at the helm. Siemian missed some easy completions and also did not hold up under pressure.

The offensive line did a good job in the first half and Siemian helped by getting the ball out quickly. Some mistakes in the second half led to longer third downs and more pressure on Siemian. This led to multiple sacks and an interception in the fourth quarter.

All in all, it was a bit of a disappointing performance from Siemian. It was a tale of two halves for the offense, and things looked a lot different with Siemian. We will see if Fields plays next week at home against the Packers. That game could be ugly if the Bears do not have their best offensive player available.