These teams helped the Chicago Bears in Week 12

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Cleveland defeating the Bucs in overtime also helps the Chicago Bears

The Cleveland Browns jumped out to an early 7-0 lead over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12. The lead only lasted one quarter though as the Bucs tied the game 10-10 before halftime. Tom Brady and the Bucs took a 17-10 lead in the third quarter, but Jacoby Brissett and the Browns fought to tie the game with only 0:37 seconds left on the clock. The Bucs played for overtime and in the end, it may have been a huge mistake.

The Browns leaned on their star running back again as Nick Chubb put the Bucs out of misery with a game-winning touchdown. This was a game that the Browns were supposed to lose and it is probably Brissett’s last game of the year as Deshaun Watson returns as the starter in Week 13 after serving an 11-game suspension for his off-field antics.

Although this win didn’t help the Chicago Bears move closer to the top pick in the draft the same way as the Panthers’ win did, it still helped in the long run. The reason being is that this was an upset victory for the Browns and with four wins on the year, it pushed them all the way back to 10th in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Browns are now one of 10 teams with only four wins. Although the Bears aren’t tanking, having a one-game buffer this late in the season surely helps.