Which Chicago Bears laid duds from Week 13 vs Packers?

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The Chicago Bears could not hold onto their lead against the Green Bay Packers and failed to capitalize on a late-game chance to potentially win the game. The Bears were rolling early but fell apart in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. The defense really fell apart at the end of the game after playing very well through three quarters, and the offense once again could not get the job done in crunch time.

The Chicago Bears need to learn how to win if they want to improve next season

Chicago Bears Week 13 Dud No. 1: Justin Fields, QB

Justin Fields was having one of his best career games until the fourth quarter. He was throwing the ball perfectly and was doing what he needed to do on the ground. He was rolling through three quarters, and it looked like he might finally beat Aaron Rodgers in his second year on the Bears.

Not everything that happened is his fault, but the blame goes on the quarterback when the offense cannot finish in a late-game situation. This has happened too many times this season. The Bears are a few points away from being playoff contenders, but they fail to take advantage of late-game situations. Every time it seems that they are driving well but mistakes lead to failure at these times. A lot of it has been other players this year, but Fields needs to take some of the blame for today.

The pick he threw to Jaire Alexander was more Equanimeous St. Brown’s fault than his, but the ball did come out a bit late. Also, it is not ideal for targeting Alexander in man coverage considering how good he has been this season. St. Brown’s route took too long, and the timing was off, but again Fields threw the pick.

The next pick was all on Fields. He tried to force the throw to Pettis in a cluttered area of the field in an attempt to find something at the game’s dying moments. The check downs were open and Fields did not take what the defense gave him.

Fields deserve credit for how he played for most of the game, but he has found a pattern of not being able to finish games. Two picks in the last four minutes of a game that the Bears should have won are not acceptable, so he is on the duds list this week. Hopefully, these moments improve over the final games, and he uses the offseason to mature into the closer that the Chicago Bears need him to be.