Winners from Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers in Week 13

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Chicago Bears Winner No. 2: The tanking community

The only good thing that comes from a losing season is a higher draft pick. That is about it. The Bears are so depleted of talent that this draft pick means so much to the team this year. It does sting that they gave up what is going to be one of the highest second-round picks in the Claypool trade, but they still are projected to have the second overall pick in the draft after today’s loss.

The fans that are all for tanking for the highest pick possible will breathe a sigh of relief after this game. While a win against the Green Bay Packers at home would mean so much to the team and to the fans, it could cost the team a few draft spots. Being at number two, or maybe one depending on how the rest of the season plays out can give the Bears a multitude of options come draft day.

The balance between winning games and losing for the draft pick has been a huge conversation over recent years in many sports. The Bears are clearly one of the worst teams in the league, but they play hard every game. They just do not have enough talent to figure out how to win yet.

Most fans want to see the team win these games but find a silver lining in losing because of the opportunity to draft a generational talent. As long as the team plays hard and does not just fold over and accept defeat, we can be proud of their efforts. The loss hurts, but in the overall aspect, it does help the Bears build a better team. Let’s just hope the consistent losing does not have long-term impact on the core players.