5 Chicago Bears trending up entering bye week

Parker Hurley
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4. Chicago Bears are using Jaylon Johnson correctly again

Some fans are going to call this a crazy take, but you are likely stuck on the Detroit game. We wrote that the team asked him to do things he is not comfortable with in the Detroit game, and the Lions made him play. That is not a huge shocker, but even less surprising is that he bounced back when put in a position to succeed.

Johnson is not good in the slot and they should not have asked him to follow anyone in there. When he plays with the help of the sideline, he is shut down. Against Atlanta, New York, and Green Bay he has been responsible for 39 yards. Teams are 4-8 when throwing his way the past three weeks.

The reality is that Johnson has allowed 293 yards this season, and 103 of them came during nine snaps he played in the slot. Removing his slot snaps, he has a full season of 190 yards allowed. That is pretty good.

Okay, he is not an elite cornerback who can follow number one and shut them down. He can defend the deep ball and the sideline and in the right scheme, teams do not throw at him. Ask Aaron Rodgers, who threw his way twice in two games, achieving just nine yards;

Do not get caught up in what Jaylon Johnson is not and realize that what he is would be just fine enough on any defense moving forward.