Grading Chicago Bears 2022 Draft Class at bye week

Chicago Bears - Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

We have been grading the Chicago Bears rookies every step of the way with checkpoints a quarter of the way, and halfway through the season. So, with the three-quarter mark being right around the bye week, it is a good time to check back.

How do the Chicago Bears grade out right now compared to their recent marks?

Grading Chicago Bears rookies

Kyler Gordon:
Quarter Grade: D, Halfway Grade: C, 3/4 grade: C- 

Kyler Gordon has been up and down this season and is currently trying to get out of a down stretch. Unfortunately, a concussion has slowed down his chances of getting back on the good side. Gordon played well against Washington and New England, but those are not heavy passing attacks. When he played better offenses, he got into more trouble.

Jaquan Brisker:
Quarter Grade: B+, Halfway Grade: A, 3/4 Grade: A

It is tough to say anything negative about Jaquan Brisker. He was not perfect, but for a rookie, he was just what they wanted.

 Velus Jones:
Quarter Grade: C-, Halfway Grade: D-, 3/4 Grade: D 

At the very least Velus Jones has been active now. Still, he is the wide receiver five in most scenarios and is mainly active because he took over for the injured Dane Cruikshank on special teams.

Braxton Jones:
Quarter Grade: B, Halfway Grade: C-, 3/4 Grade: C+

Braxton Jones has been up and down all season, but that had to be what you expected from a rookie in his situation. Still, as the list of needs grows, the team may be giving him another year to start.

Dominique Robinson:
Quarter Grade: B, Halfway Grade: C+, 3/4 Grade: C+

On the plus side, Dominque Robinson has started to play more. On the other end, he is not getting any pressure. He is a hustler against the run, but at times he can take himself out of plays as well. Still, most expected this to be a developmental year, and now he is starting.

Zachary Thomas:
Quarter Grade: F, Halfway Grade: F

Zachary Thomas is now on the Rams.

Trestan Ebner
Quarter Grade: B-, Halfway Grade: B, 3/4 Grade: D

Trestan Ebner was asked to fill the role of the injured Khalil Herbert and laid a dud. He left the door open for Darrynton Evans, and Evans walked right in and took the job away from him. It is hard to see Ebner winning the job back, and all of the sudden he is not a lock for anything moving forward.

Doug Kramer: INC

Ja’Tyre Carter
Quarter Grade: D, Halfway Grade: D, 3/4 Grade: D

On one hand, It is probably a good thing he has not been active much this season. On the other, the fact that he is not earning a jersey on gameday speaks to where he is.

Elijah Hicks
Quarter Grade: C, Halfway Grade: B, 3/4 grade: A-

Sure, it is because of injury, but he started on Sunday, which is better than players above him who were already released. Beyond that, Hicks has made an impact on special teams, and this player is a lock to stick around for a bit.

Trenton Gill
Quarter Grade: A, Halfway Grade: A

This one is pretty self-explanatory.