3 ways Chase Claypool must improve after Chicago Bears bye week

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Chase Claypool needs more yards after the catch for the Chicago Bears

This can be in part because of the way he is being used, but the Chicago Bears need to find ways for Claypool to create more after the catch. He averaged 5.3 yards after the catch per reception during his career with Pittsburgh, and that is down to 3.2 yards after the catch in Chicago.

This needs to improve. As noted, a lot of this is tied to the screens and deep balls. The deep balls are not being completed, and beyond that, they mostly jump balls with Chase Claypool. So, he is not getting much after the catch. He should get most of his yards after the catch via the screen, but he is averaging 4.3 yards in this area.

The routes that are creating yards after the catch are typically the slants, and in-breaking routes that Claypool has not been running as often. Still, some of this is on Claypool. In fact, according to NextGenStats, he is the worst on the team in yards over expectation created. He is leaving 2.5 yards per catch out there, which is awful. This is not just a play-calling issue.

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The Chicago Bears need to see him involved a bit more. They need to see him with a firm knowledge of the playbook, but it also comes to performance. He has to work harder as a blocker and find ways to create yards that are there for the taking after the catch.