3 Teams the Chicago Bears should trade back with in the NFL Draft

Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /
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With five weeks remaining in the 2022 NFL season, the Chicago Bears are not only squarely out of playoff contention but are looking at getting the highest draft selection possible for the 2022 NFL Draft. The Bears, unlike many teams who will be picking near the top of next spring’s draft, have shown that their quarterback of the future, Justin Fields, is on the roster and already proving to be one of the most electric playmakers in the NFL.

The draft is one of the most important aspects in terms of NFL team building, and if the first overall pick ends up as a quarterback, a defensive end, or an offensive tackle, there is an expectation for this draftee to turn into an elite player in the league.

Quarterbacks once again headline the 2023 NFL Draft

Generally speaking, quarterbacks are the most coveted position in football, specifically in the draft. Dating back to the 2000 draft, 16 out of 23 first-overall picks have been quarterbacks, with the other seven being either offensive tackles or defensive ends. Since 2012, there have been four drafts where the top two picks were both quarterbacks, and the 2023 draft has a chance to mimic this recent trend.

With the Houston Texans almost guaranteed to finish with the first overall pick, there is a very good chance that they end up selecting a quarterback. Either Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud will become the franchise quarterback they need.

With many other teams across the league looking for a young quarterback to lead their franchise, there is a good chance that if the Bears end up with the second (or even the third) overall pick, they could get a nice haul by trading the pick to a QB-needy team.

If the Bears end with the second overall pick heading into the draft, it is almost a guarantee that one of either Young or Stroud, as well as Kentucky’s Will Levis, are still available. With the Bears already having their franchise quarterback, the opportunity may present itself to accumulate more draft picks while still having a good selection in the 2023 draft.