5 Chicago Bears likely to excel after bye week

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Chicago Bears can watch for growth from Dominique Robinson

Dominique Robinson falls into a similar bucket to Jaquan Brisker. They are similar as rookies who have never played this deep into the season. Beyond that, NFL teams almost never have bye weeks this late into the season, so these players have been pushed a bit extra.

Robinson has started the last three games, and that trend should continue. However, he should actually be getting even more playing time, as Al-Quadin Muhammad still eats into a decent chunk of his work.

Still, the team has to realize this month is about developing Robinson, and not worrying about Muhammad. Perhaps the snaps over the past two weeks for Muhammad were knowing that Robinson was getting too much work for a rookie at that point.

However, after the bye week, they should be able to give him a bigger snap share since he will have a week of rest. Robinson should be able to look back at what he learned this season and try to apply things during the bye week.

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It is not asking for much, but a pressure or two here and there would be progress at this point. You have to think that Robinson could be flashing some of his best after getting heavy work, and now taking time to reflect on that learning experience.