5 Chicago Bears playing for starting chances in 2023

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3. Is Armon Watts earning a contract with Chicago Bears?

Armon Watts presents an interesting situation similar to Jones. However, while Jones has been playing the 3-technique role, Watts has been next to him as the 1-technique. Watts is not supposed to be as productive, but the two have had similar production in recent weeks.

So, if the team goes out and spends big on a 3-technique, wouldn’t they rather keep Watts, knowing he can play next to that player, instead of Justin Jones, who they would have to maneuver things to work with?

The issue here would come down to money again. In this case, Armon Watts is a free agent at the end of the season. The team has no restricted rights over him, so he could just walk and find himself on a new team. However, he could also realize that Poles bet on him when the Vikings cut him.

Watts has climbed up the depth chart, and if they do want him to be a starter, Watts may not have better options. However, there is a question of whether they trust him as a starter, or as depth. The next question is how he views himself. Both will get stronger answers in the next four weeks.