5 Chicago Bears playing for starting chances in 2023

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2. Do Chicago Bears know what they have in N’Keal Harry?

The Chicago Bears traded a late conditional pick for N’Keal Harry, so it is not like they are wasting a big acquisition. However, they have to find out more about what he can bring in the next four games. Harry is a former first-round, and like Watts, he is going to enter free agency after this season.

If the Chicago Bears see nothing in him, it is what it is. However, if they see anything at all, they have four games to find out how much investment they should make in Harry. This is another case where the team currently has a better view of Harry, and they bet on him in the first place, so he may be easier to re-sign than others. Still, at this point why would they re-sign him? They are going to add a lot of other names, so re-signing him at this point would basically be just be a tryout player at training camp.

If N’Keal Harry can show more over the next four games, the team may enter the offseason knowing that if they bring him back then they have another wide receiver spot locked down. This is big for him.