Could Chicago Bears still finish with first overall pick?

Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears-Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears currently hold the number two overall pick to themselves, with no tie-breakers needed. Considering there are three games left in the season, and the Houston Texans, with just one win are two behind Chicago, most would assume that Houston will be picking first overall.

However, we just saw a weekend with some of the greatest comebacks, and mind-bending moments in NFL history. While it may not be the most likely scenario, the number pick is still firmly on the table.

Could Chicago Bears still land the first overall pick?

The Chicago Bears’ schedule is tough down the stretch, and like the Houston Texans, they close with some division games. The Texans happen to have three division games in a row to finish their season. While that is similar to Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota are playing better than Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Indianapolis at this point.

The Texans lost 17-10 to Tennessee earlier in the season and the Titans have lost four straight. Tennessee is really banged up on defense, while the Texans have fought hard the past two weeks. Beyond that, Ryan Tannehill is looking questionable to play.

When you look at it in terms of odds, the Texans are five-point underdogs at the Titans, while the Bears are 9.5-point underdogs at home to the Bills. Even on the road, the Texans are more likely to win Sunday than Chicago.

What makes this even more interesting is that if Jacksonville wins against the Jets this week, they could make the playoffs even with a loss to Houston in Week 17. They would have to finish 2-1 with wins against the Jets and then the Titans week 18 for the division. So, if the Jags win this week, they go into week 17 knowing the game is meaningless as long they take care of business the following week. Does Jacksonville even go for it in this scenario, or do they rest starters to beat Tennessee?

All of a sudden Houston is staring down a Titans defense with backups and a Jacksonville team that may be incentivized to play backups. Lastly, they will play Indianapolis in week 18. The teams are already tied, and Indy is 1-4 since hiring Jeff Saturday. They have blown game after game, and right now, the Texans have been playing as competitive if not more competitive than Indianapolis.

Tennessee is banged up, Indianapolis has no coach and no pulse, and the Jaguars may be in a spot where they do not have to play starters against the Texans.

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The Texans just have to win two games, the tie they had in week one would push them over Chicago. Can they finish the season 2-1, and shoot Chicago up to number one?