5 reasons to watch Chicago Bears vs Buffalo Bills

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2. Chicago Bears will get the return of Khalil Herbert

The Chicago Bears put Khalil Herbert on the IR, and after he missed the minimum number of required games he is back on the active roster, healthy and ready to go. The question now is how does he look, and how does this affect David Montgomery?

Montgomery has shown all that he needs to show. The reality is that the market and the players available at his position are going to be what dictates his salary and whether or not he ends up with the Chicago Bears long-term, or even just for the next season.

Still, the play of Herbert can also influence this more than the play of Montgomery can. The big difference between Herbert and Montgomery is pass protection and passing work. However, Darrynton Evans ate into that work when Herbert was out, and Montgomery took a role that Herbert could handle.

Would the Bears go a game with Herbert and Evans as the 1-2, just to see how it works? It is unlikely, but it will be interesting to see if Evans can keep his role on passing downs. If Herbert comes back and gets a real workload, and Evans is cutting into passing down work, the role needed for Montgomery is just so small, it would get harder to envision him returning to the Chicago Bears.