How does Justin Fields compare to the rest of the 2021 draft class?

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No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance vs Justin Fields

"2022 Stats: 194 yards, 0 touchdowns, one interception Career stats: 797 yards, five touchdowns, three interceptions"

There was no greater mystery in the 2021 draft than Trey Lance. After dominating in 2019, a season where he didn’t throw a single interception, Lance opted to sit out the 2020 season. This left teams with a very small sample size. Only one year of play against FCS opponents made Lance a very polarizing prospect. But his elite physical traits paid off, as the 49ers traded away multiple picks to move up to the third spot to take Lance.

Unfortunately, Lance, in many ways, remains just as much a mystery as he was on draft night. He only started two games as a rookie and suffered a season-ending injury in week two of this year. Four starts have done very little to dispel the uncertainty surrounding Lance.

How does Trey Lance compare to Justin Fields?

This is probably the hardest comparison to make since Lance appears to be the ultimate wild card. His arm strength and athletic ability give him a very high ceiling, but the low sample size and need for refinement as a passer also give him a very low floor.

Still, Fields should have the comfortable advantage since he has proven that he can be a productive quarterback in this league. Lance remains a very intriguing player, but until he gets more games under his belt, he should be viewed as an unknown.