5 Chicago Bears defensive building blocks for future

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3. Chicago Bears are seeing growth from Kyler Gordon

The Chicago Bears did draft Kyler Gordon over Jaquan Brisker. They are probably asking more out of Gordon, but Gordon has also been much more up and down than Kyler Gordon at this point. The Bears are asking Gordon to play the slot when he spent most of his college career on the outside.

Beyond that, in two corner sets, he plays outside, then shifts inside in the nickel look. So, there is a lot on his plate. It did not help when Aaron Rodgers felt like picking on him all night early in the season.

Gordon started to find his groove in the middle of the season. Then, he saw names like Jaylen Waddle, CeeDee Lamb, and Drake London, which caused issues again. A concussion added to the issues, but he came back from the bye week healthy and has been playing by far his best football.

If Gordon can close out the next two weeks strong, it will be four weeks of real positive play. After the up-and-down season, it would be great to see it finish on such a positive. It would also mean the team is entering the offseason knowing that they have a legitimate slot, and just need one more cornerback to fill the room.